Word From Chairman

‘Karmanye Vadikaraste Ma fhaleshu Kadachana , Ma Karmaphal Heturba Mate Sangoste Karmani’ Meaning ‘execute the tasks without anticipating any outcomes ‘

At the outset with immeasurable gratification emancipating from core of my heart would like to seek your kind attention towards Sri Basava Public School , Ilkal that I rightly acclaim it’s an abode of knowledge , molding personality , unearthing & displaying unique concealed talent and additionally realm of teaching competency for students & staff members for attaining substantial holistic developments in all the spheres of true education.

I firmly believe in KARAMA not in PHALA hence we unanimously trying to give the best for the society. I have a dream and my dreams are going fulfill one day when the products from this institution groom the nation , become the true citizens and honing the competency.

In our educational practice I place high stress on learning Sanskaras or moral values students should imbibe.  I strongly believe in creativity, innovation , accepting challenges and building sound personality so that I come up with a naval activities to help our kids to hone their latent talents and I assert vehemently that every kid in our school is unique product .

‘Dear friends four things are very necessary to make every man great , every institution great and every nation great . They are

  1. Conviction of the powers of goodness.
  2. Absence of jealousy and suspicion.
  3. Helping all who are trying to be and do well.
  4. Discipline.

I take this opportunity to promise all the parents to give more and more better facilities, better faculty and more immunities in our every endeavor.

Thank you one and all.



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