Seminar on Conviction and Concentration

Seminar_by_SmamijiTo carry the thunderbolt words articulated by Swami Vivekananda to inspire the young generation to make themselves aware of their inner divinity. We were indeed delighted to have intellectual icon Swamiji from Sri Ramakrishanan Ashram from Harihar on 29th Dec 2014.

At the outset , swamiji break the ice with recalling the thunderbolt word asserted by Swami Vivekananda and swamiji continued to give lecturing on the vital role of firm conviction and concentration. Swamiji not only inspired students but also outlined the great personalities with physical barriers , what made them to overcome their deficiency and reached the highest zenith.

We are thankful to Belavaniki sir and Arunkumar Desai sir for arranging seminar

Updated: January 12, 2015 — 12:42 pm
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